9mm – HTC Powder Transfer Unit

  • 9mm – HTC Powder Transfer Unit
  • 9mm – HTC Powder Transfer Unit
  • 9mm – HTC Powder Transfer Unit

I was asked about PTU for loading 9mm hard cast / coated bullets sized to 0.358” OD, that would provide for minimum swaging of the bullet’s base. The objective for this is achieving least possible distortion of the bullet and deriving the best possible accuracy. Some of the reloaders started using DEWC version of 38 Special WC PTU for this purpose.

9mm-HTC PTU is designed with above outlined objectives in mind. Its expander portion is almost three times longer than one of the standard 9mm PTU, and sized for providing case expansion to accommodate projectiles up to 0.358” diameter accounting for brass spring back.

I personally load HTC bullets sized to 0.357”, and, of course, could not resist from making PTUs with expander sized to accommodate this diameter as well.

Hence you will have ability to select PTU with expander sized to be suitable for your bullets.

Lastly, – I will be testing 9mm – HTC PTU with my 38 Special reloading using 158 grain Coated SWC and RN bullets. I’ll update this page as to the suitability of this product for reloading of 38 Special once I’m done.

Cost: $35.00

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