Aimpoint 9000SC Shades Kit

  • Aimpoint 9000SC Shades Kit - Straight Shade and Trim Ring
  • Aimpoint 9000SC Shades Kit - Reduced Shade and Trim Ring
  • Aimpoint 9000SC Shades Kit - Reduced Shade and Trim Ring with UDA Accessories
  • Aimpoint 9000SC Shades Kit - Rubber Band Rings
  • Aimpoint 9000SC Shades Kit - Curtis Custom Gun

John Zurek

Thank you Tony and Brenda Silva and the White Mountain Bull’s-eye Shooters Association for hosting the Arizona short course state championship this last weekend. Thank you to my many sponsors, zero ammunition, Lapua, aimpoint with Alex Poltorak “aperture” and especially gun builder Jon Eulette for building a tight shooting wadgun! Posted a good score in the centerfire national match course 299-17x which set a new national record! great facility in the White Mountains of Arizona.

- John Zurek

As a continuation of my quest for "better" red dot (there is one stipulation here – my aging eyesight and astigmatism) I’m now proud owner of couple of 9000SC Aimpoints.  As in case with H1 Micros, I very quickly found the need to add shades, especially in the front where dot is the most affected by sun.  I originally designed and machined Straight Shade for the front, and complemented it with a Trim Ring for the back.  Trim Ring allows for attaching Ultradot’s Extension Tube as in case with my Micro H1 shades..., and something else.  At later time, and because of the distances I shoot pistols, I figured that there is no real benefit of having large front lens with Straight Shade.  So I decided to add Reduced Shade that can also accept Ultradot’s Polarized Filter. 

As I learned more about my eyesight, read numerous posts of fellow shooters, I came across articles by Dr. Norman Wong.  His article regarding Non Glare Anti-Parallax Red Dot Scope Enhancer triggered design and machining of my Rubber Band Rings.  I’ve machined and been using 30mm and 0.700” Rubber Band Rings for several months now, and can attest to the validity of Dr. Wong’s recommendation, - it really helps with aligning the dot.  And then... Aperture Rings experimentations started. One of the pictures illustrates how I have one of my guns setup, - yes I’m now proud owner of Curtis Custom gun that once belonged to Darius “Doc” Young!

Here I’m offering both Shade designs – Straight and Reduce. I will also include at no extra charge one Rubber Band Ring of your choice if ordered together with Aperture Rings Kit. Ultradot accessories, Aimpoint 9000SC, and of course gun (as pictured) aren’t included.

Cost: $52.00
Shade Kit Design

Customer Reviews

January 14, 2021

This set fit my 9000SC perfectly. Great job Alex

- John Douglas