Aimpoint Micro H1 Shades Kit

  • Aimpoint H1 Shades Kit
  • Aimpoint H1 with Extension Tube and Filter
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  • Aimpoint H1 with Two Extension Tubes

Like many shooters I was looking for alternative to Ultradot's red dots for my pistols. I like Ultradots and used them for number of year, but I had several failures, and often at very opportunistic times. I learned that my experience isn't unique, and many shooters experience the same. I also learned that many started using Aimpoint Micros, in particular H1 model. Once I purchased my first Aimpoint, I found that it lucks of common accessories I got a custom to using with Ultradots, like eye piece, extension tubes, filter, etc. I also found that this void is somewhat filled by aftermarket options. However I wasn't keen on using the only available press-on accessories. I think that extension tubes and filters are needed for outdoor shooting, while shooting at indoor ranges with controlled lighting doesn't necessitate using these accessories. Needless to say, while Aimpoint's products have reputation of being solid and trouble free, I still wanted to have option to remove accessories just in case I need to ship unit for service back to Aimpoint.

Subsequently I designed my own version - it is end user installable / removable. Apply a little bit of retaining compound, i.e. Locktite 609, then tighten three tiny set screws, apply very little low strength locktite, i.e, Locktite 222MS, and you are done. Let locktite cure for a day, and you are ready for the range I also wanted to make use of my existing accessories for Ultradot I accumulated of the years, and made such provisions while designing and manufacturing - you may see on pictures this was accomplished.

With that I'm offering this design for sale. Based on your desire you can order set of front (target end) and back (shooter's end) attachments in configuration you want. Ultradot has different thread sizes for filters and extension tubes. By default set would have one of each. However if you want to have both sides to accept extension tube instead, please specify this with your order.

By default I will supply two attachments, 6 + 1 (spare) screws, 1 +1 (spare) hex wrench. Ultradot accessories seen on pictures are not included. Lastly - by default I ship black anodized attachments. If you would like to have plain shiny aluminum please specify this with your order.

Ultradot accessories and Aimpoint red dot seen on pictures are not included.

Cost: $65.00

Customer Reviews

October 27, 2019

Fitted to a SIG Romeo 5. One was a snug fit over the lens ring, second was slightly looser. Followed the clear instructions and left clamped up over-night. Result is surprisingly sturdy. Added a UD 30 Extension tube in front which in turn permits attachment of a UD Polarising filter if needed. Currently on a 32 revolver, minimal recoil shock, but the sight assembly feels very solid. All good so far

- Roy Dean