Replacement FailSafe Bracket Kit – fits Dillon XL650 Press

  • Replacement FailSafe Bracket Kit – fits Dillon XL650 Press
  • Replacement FailSafe Bracket Kit – fits Dillon XL650 Press

As a continuation of my pursuit of more accurate charge drops, I felt, that having FailSafe Brackets that fits two of my Dillon XL650 presses, and provides for consistent return of the powder bars, is a necessity. OEM bracket easily bent when something goes wrong during bar return, i.e. worn white plastic insert (shoulder washer, per Dillon's manual) drops down, and then catches bracket by its top, instead of sliding all way in, or simply wing nut being over tightened. Once OEM bracket bent / unbent couple times, it starts flexing, which in turn creates inconsistencies on powder bar return. This in turn necessitates further tightening of wing nut, and ultimately call to Dillon, requesting replacement. I have clear understanding, that with Dillon's EXCELLENT warranty on XL650, the need for part proposed here for many of reloaders would be non-existent. I, by myself, always keep kit of spare parts, and failsafe bracket is in it. However every time I had to replace it in the middle of loading of the batch of few hundred rounds (that is when it happens most of the time, because I'm going at the "max" speed), I would lose quite a bit of time on unscrewing, unbending, resetting, re-measuring, etc. But most importantly, I would have a doubt in the back of my mind - "do I have undercharged cases"! That is right, - bent safety bracket means insufficient powder bar return, subsequent undercharge, and subsequent potential squib. Obviously squib is an extreme case, however accuracy would be definitely affected. So I decided and manufactured a batch of about dozen brackets made of stainless steel, complemented it with shoulder washer made out of brass, installed and tested on both of my presses. I'm much happier now, - I can go full speed without worrying that bracket would bend, flex, or else. Set screw prevents from washer drops, and powder bar returns to the same spot every time. Resulting rounds produce more accurate imprints on targets, standard deviation is lower by 4-6 in comparison with previously loaded same charge rounds. So .......... I have few brackets from the first batch that I'm offering with this listing. If this part gets as popular as my other parts, I will run larger batch and continue offering it. I have clear understanding, that it is king of "luxury" thing thanks to Dillon's great warranty policy.

With that said, this listing is for ONE replacement Failsafe Bracket Kit that fits Dillon XL650 Press. Kit includes stainless steel Failsafe bracket (replacement for OEM p/n: 18726), brass Shoulder Washer (replacement for OEM p/n: 18086) BH Screw (replacement for OEM p/n: 13964), one Primer System Mounting Bolt (replacement for OEM p/n:14138) and Set Screw (no analog in Dillon's OEM parts). I do not supply any of the hex wrenches, - you will be able to use standard ones that came with press.

Please keep in mind, that all parts I manufacture, are tested by myself, and don't carry any kind of warranty against breakage of other parts on your reloading equipment or any sort of liability insurance, - if you are reloading, you must know how to do it safely. I will gladly take back and refund cost of the part if you find it unsuitable for your needs. I also appreciate immensely any information you want to share based on your experience using my parts. Thank you very much!!

Cost: $54.00

Customer Reviews

January 11, 2020

I enjoy working on my Dillon 650 and in search of the ever elusive and impossible powder throw. After borrowing Greg's Ransom Rest for a prolific period of time, powder amount is the greatest single contributor to the group size I see. Crimp and OAL get adjusted after. That drove me to try and get as consistent of throws as possible. This is a mental game, and I appreciate knowing that the ammunition is good. I think shooters using very light loads, 32 especially, would benefit. I used new starline brass at the beginning of each to ensure no grains stuck to the side. The scale is a lab grade, accurate to .02 grains and was left on for 30 minutes to minimize drift and I used batteries to isolate from the home's relatively noisy power. I selected 3 common powders and threw 20 each. WST, Bullseye and Titegroup. VVN310 to follow once I polish the funnel and get ready to load for some matches and Varget as I want to see how it handles extruded powders for those of us who shoot rifle. So the question I was trying to answer, was, with only modifying one component of my press, the bracket, could I improve my consistency across various powders. The answer is, yes. I then did some basic looks at the information the Photo Escape outperformed the Dillon OEM in every metric but one such as, standard deviation, median, mean, max/min, etc. Pretty good. The OEM on a highly modified 650 with the Photo Escape is easily holding +/- .04 gr with WST/BE/Titegroup. I need to polish the funnel and expect even better. The Photo Escape FailSafe Bracket Kit for the Dillon 650 is significantly stronger and more well made. It uses forgoes the plastic shoulder washer and has an adjustable machine screw vice the stamped projection in the OEM. The only down side is that I can remove the powder funnel very quickly to dump and with the Photo Escape there are two set screws that you have to remove first. No big deal, I'll take the small delay over the gains in performance.

- JayhawkNavy02