Powder Transfer Unit / Powder Funnel for 32 S&W Long Wadcutter

  • 32WC and 32 Long Expanded Case
  • 32WC and Speer
  • Rifle Powder Funnel

After many of the shooters started using 32 Caliber Powder Transfer Units for loading 32 ACP and 32 S&W Long ammunition, I was approached by several Bulls Eye shooters asking to develop PTU that would provide for full length case expansion while loading Hollow Base Wadcutter projectiles.  The classic example of such projectile, - H&N Sport 100 grain HBWC unfortunately no longer available in USA.  Many shooters turned to Speer 4600 98 grain HBWC with slight modification in order to increase bullet’s outside diameter to match H&N specifications.  What you see on this page is a product specifically designed and manufactured to accommodate the need for precision reloading of ammunition in 32 S&W Long caliber for the Sport of Bulls Eye shooting .  Since I don’t use this caliber for my own purposes (I use 38 Special Wadcutter instead), I asked one of the fellow shooters to test this product. You can find results of his testing and review at this link:


Cost: $48.00
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