Powder Transfer Unit / Powder Funnel for 38 Special Wadcutter

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  • 38WC DEWC and Projectiles
  • 38WC DEWC
  • 38WC DEWC Tip
  • 38WC HBWC and Remington WC
  • 38WC HBWC
  • 38WC HBWC Tip

As a caliber 38 Special Wadcutter definitely justifies words “special” in its name.  I don’t want to write much about it here, - if you are reading these lines, for me it is indicative that you know what this caliber is all about.  Besides there is a lot of lines written about shooting and re-loading ammo for this caliber by more qualified and accomplished shooters, than I myself.  I strongly encourage reading the article written by Ed Harris on this subject, that can be found here - http://www.hensleygibbs.com/edharris/articles/38wadcutterQA.htm.   

In this article you will find a hint suggesting least possible bullet deformation while seating it.  In the same article you will find hints on full length sizing of the brass for loading either Double Ended and Hollow Base Wadcutters. 

Products listed on this page designed with Mr. Harris’ and other experienced target shooters in mind. DEWC version of the PTU is designed for loading Double Ended Wadcutters with OD up to .358” and up to .615 long.  HBWC version is for Hollow Base Wadcutters  bullets with OD from .358” to .360” and up to .625” long.

My own testing of both versions is done with positive results.  Loading HBWC requires attention to details with crimping and sizing cases back to specs.  I suggest everyone, who loads this projectile, reviewing this recent tread on BullsEye forum - https://www.bullseyeforum.net/t12064p25-are-some-brands-types-of-38-special-cases-better-than-others-for-reloading-for-bullseye#104169, and especially older one - https://www.bullseyeforum.net/t6492-38-special-wadcutter-brass.

I suggest reviewing it and reading couple of times posts by David Wilson / fc60 on this tread, and paying close attention to his explanation of brass expansion / bulging at the tapered area.

Cost: $35.00

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