Replacement Brass Ends for Dillon XL750 / RL550C Primer Tubes

  • Replacement Brass Ends for Dillon XL750 / RL550C Primer Tubes
  • Replacement Brass Ends for Dillon XL750 / RL550C Primer Tubes

My recent purchase of new Dillon’s XL750 press generated several calls to technical support, a lot of head scratching and implementation of few simple modifications to address various, in my opinion, deficiencies, that Dillon’s designers could easily address. From day one press didn’t feel right for me, and finally I took it apart just to find that one of the parts had a crack in it. Dillon’s warranty on the press is excellent, so I was provided with all necessary parts to make both press and myself happy. Now with about 10000 rounds loaded on my new XL750, I feel it is a good augmentation for my two XL650 and Super 1050.

In the process of getting acclimated with new press one issue immediately jumped at me, - primer tubes had plastic ends. Manual for the press has elaborate description how to test tubes, and check for last primer drop, etc., etc. Being accustomed to tubes in my other presses having brass ends, and not needing to worry about “last primer”, I immediately dough out tube from XL650 thinking that it would be compatible with XL750. Not even close. After having to use primer low rod with 45 case on it, and with that primers not dropping without pressing on the rod, I measured and machined replacement ends out of brass. It took couple tries to make it right. As you can see on one of the pictures, ends for 750 are a bit longer than ones for 650, and there is also difference in diameter.

To verify that everything works fine, I had another reloader, who owns 750, testing replacement end. He confirmed that everything works perfectly fine. More so, very same reloader owns several Dillon 550 presses. He tried tubes on one of his 550s, and found tubes from 750 to being compatible with it.

With that and based on my use of tubes with brass ends on XL750 I’m comfortable to offer this modification to all interested. Installation of ends is very simple, although between myself and the other tester we encountered two opposites, - I had to locktite ends on my tubes, and he had to press fit his. Both options are fine. I used purple locktite, in case anyone needs to use the same.

You can purchase ends as a set of two, or in particular size you need for loading with small or large primers.


Customer Reviews

December 10, 2020

These have my 550 running flawlessly again. Was having last primer issues and occasionally failures to properly cycle but those issues are gone with the new brass ends. Another winner.

- David A Treaster

July 16, 2020

Awesome fix! The brass tips that replace the plastic ones on the primer magazine tube are the solution to a big problem I was having with my XL750. The brand new, never used, plastic tip was not allowing the primer to drop into the primer cup. After installing the brass tip priming works flawlessly. Also, by being brass, the tip is far superior with respect to durability. The plastic tip can get mangled if the knurled cap is over tightened. Innovation for the Win!

- G. Kaine