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I’ve been asked by multiple reloaders for the solution that enables using of my Powder Transfer Units on other than Dillon platforms.  Proposed kit allows for adopting my PTUs, and as well Dillon OEM, Double Alpha Academy or any third party funnels designed for Dillon presses on any single, turret or progressive press with standard 7/8-14 die thread size.  Threaded cup on top of the powder die provides for hard stop of the funnel and manual powder charge.  Funnel itself is a free floating inside of the die, and thus provides for proper centering of the case.  If anyone desire, Dillon’s Powder measure can be mounted at the top of the die, providing with measured powder charges.  Powder measure can be manually cycled (recommended approach) or cycled automatically with installation of double springs, - Dillon’s part number 14036.  I do not recommend this method as powder measure self-cycling can lead to double charges, if powder drop process isn’t carefully controlled!

I attempted to address multitude of case sizes with single size of this Powder Through Die kit.  I verified that if will work with pistol cases from 32 ACP to 44 Magnum (with using included ¼” spacer), and most rifle cases when using my 26 (6.5mm) & 30CAL PTUs.  I know that long rifle cases, i.e. 300 WinMag, 30-06, and as well pistol cases that are longer than 44 Magnum, i.e. 500 S&W, will not work with Threaded Cup installed due to the limitations of platform vertical movement on most presses.  However there is good chance that it would work with Dillon’s powder measure, as it allows for funnel vertical movement well above upper edge of the powder die.

With that, proposed kit includes Powder Through Die, Threaded Locking Cup, 1” Locking Nut and ¼” Spacer. 

No other part included in this kit!

Cost: $52.00
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